Montag, 1. Mai 2017

Thüringen Ausflug: Erfurt

Hellow. Thomas war hier über das Wochenende. Also am Freitag haben wir Spare-Ribs gegessen bei Karnette in Sömmerda. Wir haben über einen Monat den Tisch reserviert. Die Spare-Ribs waren bestens. Thomas wollte auf jeden Fall danach nicht mehr zum Ratskeller, denn wir wurden beide so satt ;)

Am Samstag gab es ein Street-Food Festival in Erfurt. Also dann sind wir nach Erfurt gefahren. Das Wetter war ausgerechnet ziemlich gut als wir da waren. Yeay :) Wir waren nicht so lange da. Wir haben pulled-beef, Langos, und frittiertes Eis probiert. Pulled-beef hat Thomas am besten gefallen. Mir hat Langos besser gefallen. Das frittierte Eis ist interessant, aber schmeckte leider nicht besonders und kostete zu viel (5€, ernshaft?) Na ist egal. Wir können ja nicht vorher wissen. Es gab mehr Auswahl als in Jülich auf jeden Fall aber in Jülich kann man sich mehr bewegen. In Erfurt fand das Ganze in einer langen "Gasse" statt. Etwas unbequem.

Nachdem wir halb satt da gegessen haben, machten wir auf dem Weg zum Domplatz. Thomas hat vorgeschlagen, erstmal herauszufinden wo das Schnitzelhaus ist. Ich habe ihm vorgeschlagen, doch direkt zu reservieren. Also wir haben 2 Stunden vor der Reservierung. Wir sind erstmal zum Mariendom gegangen und dann zur St.Severinkirche. Ich fand den Dom beeindrückend. Das ist vielleicht der kleinste Dom, den ich je bisher gesehen habe, aber echt fein. Die Severinkirche liegt nebenan und sie hat auf jeden Fall mehr Sitzplätze als im Dom. Die Orgel ist richtig schön, meisten aus Marmor. Neben diesen Kirchen ist die Zitadelle Petersberg. Ich habe diese Zitadelle im Internet gesehen und sehr begeistert von den Fotos. Dann sind wir da hochgegangen *hosh hosh hosh* und tadaaa die Aussicht Erfurt von oben war wirklich toll. Das hat sich jedenfalls gelohnt. Wir haben innerhalb der Zitadelle rumgeguckt. Es ist viel größer als Jülicher Zitadelle, aber alle Gebäude sind leider verlassen und nicht gepflegt. Es ist trotzdem schön :)

Wir haben danach noch ein bisschen rumgeguckt und Fotos gemacht bis kurz vor 17 Uhr. Zum Schnitzler sind wir reinmarschiert ;) Wir haben echt Glück, dass wir vor 2 Std reserviert haben, denn nach uns kamen noch einige Leute, aber das Restaurant ist schon ausgebucht. Thomas hat Jägerschnitzel und Paulaner bestellt. Ich habe Schnitzel Wiener Art und Orange Velvet (non-alkoholische Cocktails, echt erfrischend!) bestellt. Alles war richtig gut, die Portion war mehr als genug aber wir haben alles aufgegessen :P (Einpacken kostet 20cent extra).

So. Ab sind wir wieder daheim *mit sächsischem Akzent* lol. Zuhause haben wir noch back to the future noch geguckt und dann ab ins Bett! Gute Nacht!! :)

Montag, 24. April 2017

Happy 3rd anniversary!

3 years! Never thought that it has been lasted this long and I hope that it will last forever, since my last relationships never lasted that long.. :)

So, to celebrate the day which was on Friday, I took one day free from work and went back to Floßdorf on Thursday evening. We had a long sleep until Friday, BBQ and went to Cologne.
We planned to go to Postmodern Jukebox' concert. Thomas bought me a ticket as christmas present. Before that, we ate at the Jameson's Irish Pub. The burger was delicious. Then we went to the concert, but on the way the tram had a problem with someone who parked on a wrong place, the tram could not go through and there we were standing at the tram station waiting for the tram. After a while the tram came and it was full, of course.  We still got a place though, but the tram went slow. I got stomachache *oh no!* So after we got off the train. I asked Thomas to rush to any toilet. 🙊 Forget it. Hahah. Anyway, the concert was awesome. Postmodern Jukebox was freaking awesome!!!
We even will go again in July in Jena. Yeaaayyy!! And I will make sure, that we go early enough to have a good place, because in Cologne we stood at the back. I wished I used 12-cm high heels :(
Anyway, it was a good day :)
at Jameson's
Postmodern Jukebox
 Cheers, for forever!

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

DGA 2017, Aalen

Tadaaa.. First new city for this year. So 12 hours travelling after the farewell party, I was totally K.O and fell asleep at every presentation. Aalen is a small but nice old city. Luckily, I stayed in the same hotel (called "Hotel Villa Rad") with Hongmei. We always went to the university, the seminar place, and back to the hotel together. The second day was better. Hongmei and I got our dinner ticket, so we made our way to the Schloss Kapfenburg. The dinner was delicious and the music was also nice. All in all, it was a nice oportunity to get to know people from the same field. By the way, I brought my first poster as author. Yeay :) I hope I'll get a chance to go there again next year. Here some impression from Aalen. Enjoy!
Schloss Kapfenburg

Donnerstag, 2. März 2017

Auf Wiedersehen, Oldenburg!

I feel blue, Oldenburg. Never thought that leaving Oldenburg can be this hard too.. I thought it would be kinda relief, but I'm wrong.
Oh. Ich hab soviele Sachen 🙈
I realized, that I met so many nice and helpful people, whom you can work with, amazing people in Oldenburg, whose name you will find in so many papers, and cheerful people that often there, that I was almost never alone at home.

The decision of living in a flat with 6 people, might be one of the best decision I made in Oldenburg. You met someone straight, someone weird, someone talkative, someone funny, someone diligent, someone lazy, etc. Different culture, different perspectives, but at the end, we made best  friends :) I love the theater in Oldenburg and every single show I visited with Annika and Matthias. It started to be a new hobby, which I need to stop pretty soon. Gonna miss it! 😢
I met Kirsten, with whom I worked together during the whole master study. We spent lot of time together finishing our projects, homeworks or preparing exams. Mattis, her husband, has several times cooked for us *yummy!*. Not forget to mention Minty, their cat, which Thomas admires a lot, eventhough they have never met😂
I made friend also with Helen. The first person who greeted me at the Jade Hochschule. With her I had also some deep talk and brain storming. She always helped, ambitious, smart, and open-minded.
My amazing supervisors, Ania and Sabine, who always said that my work was good and I always doubt with myself. I learned a lot from them. And also from my first supervisor, which I think, he has this pendulum that Hermione has to return back time and do other stuff that should be finished😆  No kidding, he is very fast but relax at the same time.  

If I may leave Oldenburg two years ago, the feeling will be 180° different. So much pressure, so depressed, so much fear to be kicked out from Germany when I didn't pass the exam. They are gone now..

Thanks for making me enjoy Oldenburg! I love you all and I'm quiet sure we're gonna meet each other again😘

Dita, 01032017, in the train to Erfurt.

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017


I haven't posted for so long! Gees! I've been quiet busy after arriving back Germany. My master defence was confirmed to be held at January 25th,2017, so I was quiet panicking, because I haven't started assessing my datas and I didn't even write a sentence during my stay in Indonesia.

On one weekend, Thomas and I went to Sömmerda for an apartment observation. Good, that I got the apartment quiet straight forward. Yeay.

But with help of Sabine and Tom, the presentation was ready in time and it was quiet good. I was already afraid of questions coming from my first examiner, but he was enthusiatic about hearing my presentation and I even got a good score :) *fufuuu*

So now it's time to write the forgotten thesis and to preparing for moving. We arranged a transporter and a friend to help. Wish me luck! My room is now such a mess :(

Anyway, I got to tell you something.. I don't know who I can tell, because most of my best friends are single at this time.. So, I don't want to make them jealous or more desperate or kinda feeling. It is just about Thomas and me. After being seperated for about 6 weeks, I feel like Thomas is more ready to build a family. A significant difference is that he didn't avoid/refuse the topic about family planning or such questions "if we get married,..." or "how many children do you want to have?" or "should we travel ...?". And you know,  being able to talk deeper with him about this topic made me so happy and  loved. Suddenly I felt some butterflies in my stomach coming again, as thought they were gone before. I hope this is gonna be a good sign :) Almost 3 years together, and we are going to a concert on our anniversary. Yuhuu! God bless us. I love you

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2017

Recap of 2016 Resolution

1. Finish the theory semesters - with a good score.  yes, I finished the theory semesters, not so good score though, anyways it's finished!
2. Do internship for 6 months. Well, for some reasons, I need to skip the internship to 2017. I got a place already ;)
3. Visit at least 2 new countries and 2 new cities.  I visited Alkmaar, Leiden, Erfurt, and Loccum. But they are in the Netherlands and in Germany. 
4. Keep saving money for travelling and car. I was lucky this year to have people who paid my trip, hihihi. No car still.
5. Do more sport and learn martial arts, this is serious! (I actually think of learning ballet, but as the number of refugees increased, maybe for now martial art is more important). Yes, I learned taekwondo! Hope to be able to continue it this year tho.

Wish me luck! :)

Freitag, 25. November 2016

Lounge Pad's late post: Jülicher Industrietag

Sorry for the late post. November 3rd 2016 was our last performance of the year. We finally performed in Jülich at the Industry Day at the FH Aachen, Jülich. It was an honour to have played for the FH. We hope they liked it :)

So, these are some reviews:

So, we hope to see you next year! Hopefully we could play in some public event, too :)
We would like to thank all who came to watch and support us and especially those, who trust us to play for their event. We hope that you didn't regret and would ask us again next time!

For those who haven't subscribe our youtube channel and facebook group, please do! We'll let you update.

Last but not at least: HAPPY belated LOUNGE PAD DAY!!