Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017


I haven't posted for so long! Gees! I've been quiet busy after arriving back Germany. My master defence was confirmed to be held at January 25th,2017, so I was quiet panicking, because I haven't started assessing my datas and I didn't even write a sentence during my stay in Indonesia.

On one weekend, Thomas and I went to Sömmerda for an apartment observation. Good, that I got the apartment quiet straight forward. Yeay.

But with help of Sabine and Tom, the presentation was ready in time and it was quiet good. I was already afraid of questions coming from my first examiner, but he was enthusiatic about hearing my presentation and I even got a good score :) *fufuuu*

So now it's time to write the forgotten thesis and to preparing for moving. We arranged a transporter and a friend to help. Wish me luck! My room is now such a mess :(

Anyway, I got to tell you something.. I don't know who I can tell, because most of my best friends are single at this time.. So, I don't want to make them jealous or more desperate or kinda feeling. It is just about Thomas and me. After being seperated for about 6 weeks, I feel like Thomas is more ready to build a family. A significant difference is that he didn't avoid/refuse the topic about family planning or such questions "if we get married,..." or "how many children do you want to have?" or "should we travel ...?". And you know,  being able to talk deeper with him about this topic made me so happy and  loved. Suddenly I felt some butterflies in my stomach coming again, as thought they were gone before. I hope this is gonna be a good sign :) Almost 3 years together, and we are going to a concert on our anniversary. Yuhuu! God bless us. I love you <3 div="">

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2017

Recap of 2016 Resolution

1. Finish the theory semesters - with a good score.  yes, I finished the theory semesters, not so good score though, anyways it's finished!
2. Do internship for 6 months. Well, for some reasons, I need to skip the internship to 2017. I got a place already ;)
3. Visit at least 2 new countries and 2 new cities.  I visited Alkmaar, Leiden, Erfurt, and Loccum. But they are in the Netherlands and in Germany. 
4. Keep saving money for travelling and car. I was lucky this year to have people who paid my trip, hihihi. No car still.
5. Do more sport and learn martial arts, this is serious! (I actually think of learning ballet, but as the number of refugees increased, maybe for now martial art is more important). Yes, I learned taekwondo! Hope to be able to continue it this year tho.

Wish me luck! :)

Freitag, 25. November 2016

Lounge Pad's late post: Jülicher Industrietag

Sorry for the late post. November 3rd 2016 was our last performance of the year. We finally performed in Jülich at the Industry Day at the FH Aachen, Jülich. It was an honour to have played for the FH. We hope they liked it :)

So, these are some reviews:

So, we hope to see you next year! Hopefully we could play in some public event, too :)
We would like to thank all who came to watch and support us and especially those, who trust us to play for their event. We hope that you didn't regret and would ask us again next time!

For those who haven't subscribe our youtube channel and facebook group, please do! We'll let you update.

Last but not at least: HAPPY belated LOUNGE PAD DAY!!

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Throwback: Pflaumenfest in Floßdorf

Sorry that I forgot to post this. But in September we got also an important performance. It might be small place, but we play in Floßdorf, where Thomas grew up. So yes, it was a relax, friendly, and familiar atmosphare, but we still had to play good. The acoustic of the room is unfortunatelly quite poor. People sat at the back couldn't hear us well, despite of loudspeaker, amplifier, and microphone. That's a pitty. But lot of people came nearer to hear us. We met some  familiar faces as well :)

Here some snapshots.

 And some videos :) Thanks to my brother, Galih, who recorded us all the time. Don't forget to subscribe Lounge Pad's youtube channel!

Lounge Pad's big deal :)

Sorry for have not posted anything since August(what a shame). Life has driven me busy (in a good way) and yeah I am still focused on my master project. Huh hah huh hah!!

So, last Friday Lounge Pad had to perform in the Krönungssaal of City Hall Aachen for the graduation ceremony of my old faculty. Unexpectedly we played quite good. We don't have a lot of videos, because most of the people talked during the songs and our simple camera recorded simply everything, so not much to hear.. But the most important is that we had a good time there :) Here some snapshots of Aachen :)
Aachener Dom from Aachener Rathaus
In the Krönungssaal
In the Krönungssaal, before the performance.
And here, we got one fine video. Fly me to the moon, played as the third song during the ceremony, where people still sat down ;) Congratulations once again to the graduated students! Hope you enjoy/enjoyed our songs :)

Don't forget to subscribe our Youtube Channel! :)

Next performance: 3.11.2016, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich

Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

Street Food Festival + Straßenfest

Good news: I got the internship in Kölleda. The internship will start in March 2017. YEAAAAAYYYYY!!! So I will move after my master study, maybe to Erfurt. I am soooo happy :D :D :D

One step closer to my dream and hopefully I can get a job afterwards, so I won't be deported from Germany. I can't imagine that happening.

Meanwhile, I had to admit that I was so homesick. But, only Thomas noticed. He even bought Sambal Bajak today to reduce my homesickness until the day I come home. (and yes, I plan to be in Indonesia in the middle of January).

My master project seems to make progression. Haha, I'm not sure yet. I have to do my best. I don't want to have bad score on this.

No, it's not 2 pairs of indonesian-german 
Yes, indonesian girls eat the most ;)
Last weekend, Thomas and I went to Street Food Festival in Jülich and Village Festival in Floßdorf. Let me mention what we ate: pulled pork with fries from La Tapita, Holland mocktail Bali Style, Frozen Yogurt, Indian fried rice with chicken tandoori, Churros and Hungarian Baumstriezel. There we met Christian and Nandea. Rockdorf played some songs during the village fest at around 9 p.m.

Rockdorf in Floßdorf
Drunk faces
I wasn't in the mood of beers. So, I ordered cocktails called SPAIN, made of Grenadine, Likör 43, Maracuja and cream and something else I guess. Thomas uncle treated me with CAIPIRINHA. And before we went home, I got a glass of Pina Colada. They were soooo good, that I fell on my own foot after recording Rockdorf. What a shame.

So, I'll see you in 2 weeks with a report from Bierbörse ya. Haha. See ya!

Samstag, 6. August 2016

Libur Seminggu

Ich hatte eine Woche frei zwischen der letzten Klausur und dem Anfang der Masterarbeit. Ich blieb bei Thomas direkt nach der letzten Klausur (am Freitag). Wir hatten an dem Abend noch Bandprobe. Endlich wieder eine Probe mit kompletter Truppe ;)

Am Montag haben Ega und ich zusammen bei Pinnochio gegessen. Und danach haben wir Omas Geburtstag gefeiert. Schön, dass wir Oma und Opa viel zum Lachen bringen konnten. Oder eher Ega eigentlich :)

Am Dienstag waren Thomas und ich in Köln bei Music Store. Ich habe Thomas paar Auswahl als Geburtstagsgeschenk gegeben und indonesische Abendessen in Köln war die Entscheidung. Ich habe entschieden, dass wir bei Haus Java essen. Denn Haus Java hatte mehr Auswahl an indonesischem Essen, nicht eingeschränkt an balinesischem. War ein knapper, guter Zeitpunkt, weil Haus Java nur bis 31.7 offen war. Der Inhaber hat sich beschlossen, in Rente zu gehen. Schade eigentlich. Das Essen war richtig lecker. Wir haben Ayam Rujak und Rendang gegessen und eine Platte Vorspeise wie Pangsit, Samosa und Siomay. Thomas mag trotz der Schärfe das Essen und hatte danach keinen Durchfall oder sowas. Yeay! :)

hihihi gemesh!!
Ayam rujak... Taste like home :)
Haus Java
Am Donnerstag fuhr ich nach Kölleda. Am vorherigen Samstag hatte ich ein Zimmer gebucht am Flugplatz. Ich bin in Kiebitzhöhe ausgestiegen. Das war warm und es gab vom Bahnhof (was sogar kleiner ist als Linnich Bf!) keinen Bus bis Audifon oder bis zum Flugplatz. Aber der Weg war nicht so schwer... Man muss nur vom Bhf einfach geradeaus gehen.. So ungefähr 4 km. Auf dem Weg war einiges zu sehen: Industrie, Maisfeld, Maisfeld.... Haha ;) Danach kam ich am Flugplatz an.
Flugschule am Flugplatz: Flying Ranch

Da gab eine Pension und eine Gaststätte... Die Gaststätte hatte nur bis 18.30 auf. Dann habe ich mich beschlossen noch eine Pizza zu bestellen. Denn ich hatte in der Nähe keine andere Restaurants gesehen :( In der Pension war zu dem Zeitpunkt leer. Ich war also der einzige Gast da. Schon ein bisschen creepy. Haha. Ich hatte ein Zimmer mit 2 Betten bekommen. Ziemlich riesig. Zum Glück mit Kühlschrank, haha, da ich die Woche ziemlich zerstochen bin. Dann konnte ich meine Handtücher und Fenistil da kaltstellen. Das Bad war nicht im Zimmer aber direkt neben an. Hinter dem Zimmer war wieder Maisfeld... Es gab kein Internet, nur Fernseher. Mir war am Abend richtig langweilig. Hab den Fernseher eingeschaltet, da Thomas meinte, es läuft ein guter Film. Aber dann war es plötzlich so sturmig und der Fernseher hatte kein Signal mehr! Owei! *facepalm*

Egal. Hauptsache das Vorstellungsgespräch am nächsten Tag lief ziemlich gut :) Ich warte noch auf das Ergebnis. Audifon ist eine nette Firma. Nicht so groß, ziemlich locker, hat auch einen Standort in Bergisch Gladbach. Ich war schneller fertig als ich dachte und ein Mitarbeiter hat eine Mitfahr angeboten bis Sömmerda. Von da aus bin ich nach Erfurt gefahren und hab ein bisschen Spaziergang gemacht, da mein Zug erst um 19:50 Uhr fuhr (Ich bin so gegen 16 Uhr in Erfurt angekommen). Ehrlich sagen, ich mag Erfurt. Die Stadt ist groß, aber nicht so hektisch. Es gibt ganz viele alte Gebäude. 
Erfurter Fischmarkt, Rathaus